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their digital presence to the next level.


Countless Wellness & Beauty business owners have expressed in their first call the same thing:

“I don’t understand marketing.”

Jump forward to the end of their consultation and the light-bulb moment is real.
They feel confident in their marketing strategy & understand the value of their investment.
Fast forward to during their campaign,
and they’re seeing results & getting closer to their goals.
They’re confident in their marketing partner & the direction they’re heading.
How do they feel? Excited.
They’re seeing results, bottom-line increases and business growth.

Are you ready to ‘get’ Digital marketing & see new growth?


Marketing management

We can manage your complete digital marketing efforts from A-Z. You can focus on your business and what you do best. You don’t have to over-work, burn-out and grind yourself into the ground trying to manage AND market your business. Your time can be better spent focusing on managing & training your team, refining service offerings and improving customer experience, strategising for long-term goals and creating the future you want.

This is for you, if:

  • You’ve tried your best to learn & implement digital strategies, but feel they’re not working as well as they could.

  • You want to see your business grow, but don’t have the time or knowledge to market yourself.

  • You’re ready to invest in marketing, but aren’t at the size to bring on an internal marketing team.


Campaign Implementation

Let us get your business in front of your audience! We provide campaign implementation and management in SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Account Management & Google Ads. If you’re ready to start investing in your business, but aren’t sure on the best marketing strategy for your goals and budget, we can work with you on individual campaigns or combinations which help to achieve your goals and align with your current resources.

This is for you, if:

  • You have a goal in mind, but don’t know how to effectively market it.

  • You have invested in digital marketing before, but know there’s an area letting you down which needs attention.

  • You’re currently working with another agency, but just aren’t feeling right and want to work with a dedicated team.


Social & Website Audits

Not sure where you currently stand and what needs attention? We provide Social Media, Website & Paid Advertising Audits. This helps you to understand your strengths, weaknesses & opportunities in greater detail. Many businesses have invested heavily into one avenue of digital marketing, but let another fall to the wayside. Our audits will help you see the bigger picture, as well as understand the finer details.

This is for you, if:

  • You feel your online presence is lacking in a certain area, but you’re not sure what’s failing.

  • You’re not confident in the current performance of your website, social presence or paid advertising and want a detailed analysis.

  • You want to start investing in further marketing, but you don’t know what needs the most attention.

Our Tailored Digital Marketing Approach


take charge & transform your digital performance.

As industry specialists, the team at LMF Marketing understands the importance of harnessing your digital power, whilst also maintaining the integrity and values of your individual business goals.

By unlocking your true online potential as a leader in the health or beauty industry, you are able to reach a new level that allows greater exposure to new clients, more repeat business and further business growth.

We take the time to understand your business and brand to create a strategy which doesn’t compromise your mission, but instead embeds it into every facet of marketing communication and helps to drive your business growth.

By providing you with the professional marketing support needed to grow your audience, it is our goal to assist you in helping an ever greater number of people on their journey to wellness.

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Does marketing confuse you & you feel like it’s not working for your business?

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are you burning yourself out by trying to both manage and market your business?

Untitled design (1).png

are you ready to invest in your business, marketing & future by teaming up with an external marketing partner?

If you answered “yes” to the above, then you’re ready to talk with us!
It’s time to take charge of your marketing & see the results you’ve been yearning for.


Our Goals

  1. Be more than just a marketing agency – we want to be your marketing partner, possessing a deep understanding of your business, its goals and its purpose.

  2. Provide exceptional marketing results across multiple channels that drive customer engagement and increase your in-market reach.

  3. Remain dynamic and responsive to your business needs and market trends, By staying up-to-date with market movements and implementing innovative strategies.

You can trust our digital marketing team to deliver exceptional results across every aspect of your marketing plan. By understanding the industry-specific needs of our clients, our dedicated team of professionals are equipped with the knowledge necessary for taking your online presence to the next level.


Free 1 Hour Strategy Planning Session

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Specialising in the implementation of effective marketing campaigns for wellness and beauty businesses, it is our goal to guide you towards a more prosperous future. With a personalised approach to digital marketing strategies, we are dedicated to achieving the online growth goals of your business. By combining experience with innovative ideas, we can deliver an incomparable strategy designed for your industry. Though we’re professionals in digital marketing, our underlying passions lay within the health, wellness and beauty industries, which allows our team to develop an even deeper understanding of the needs unique to your specific market.

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